Neon Midnight – Retribution

So, we’re on album two now, holy fuck! Below are all the lyrics, in track listing order, plus a little explanation of the song, though I’ll give you that on Youtube in more depth anyway as the videos come out, but for any word freaks like me, I wanted to give you the lyric sheet immediately 😉

1 -Break Me:

This is a song for anyone who’s ever battled with vile, sickening, idiotic little dipshits! Whether you’ve been bullied at school, in the workplace, or on the internet, this song is for you. Whatever hate you’re facing, you can overcome it, and generally you will come out better off than every one of the dumb-as-a-bag-of-rocks, dirty-souled, vicious little cunts who waste their lives on hatred. Spend your life on happiness, on love, on using your talents, and you will beat them, dude!

The specific inspiration for this song was when someone commented, nicely, on FB, saying that I was stronger than the specific dipshits I was dealing with at the time, and I felt kinda…false about it. It felt fake. I’m not stronger, I’m just a junkie – with enough drugs you can get through anything. Medication, alcohol, opiates, they’re my shield, my shield to the real world, and so long as I have drugs, not much gets to me…so there’s a less positive meaning here too, I guess. I survived a shitty situation, but only because I have drugs, and they get me through…


My strength comes in a little bottle

Blow up rubber sex doll, for the real thing

But it gets me through, it gets me through

Gets me through little bitches like you


My strength comes in a little needle

A pinch of this and a splash of that

Earth water fire

Earth, water, fire

Earth, water, fire and blood,

The blood of my enemies

It’s golden brown, golden brown

Nothing can take me down!


They say I’m strong – stronger than you

Stronger than all you put me through

And maybe that’s true

Maybe that’s true

But I know what gets me through


My strength comes in a little bottle

My strength comes in a little pill

Anyone can be a hero with the correct ammunition

I show no contrition

In the face of stupid superstition

In the wake of politicians

You can’t break me now

You can’t take me down


My shield of medication

Protects against assassination

From your shitty moron nation

You, aren’t even worth this song

Useless righting these wrongs

But hey, motherfucker!

You gave me these words

You gave me this thing

A song to sing

Cause you can’t take me down

You can’t break me now!


‘cause my strength comes in a little bottle

And I’m all stocked up, you pussy bitch!

Keep on throwing your hissyfit,

You’re just swimming in your own bullshit!

Cause my strength comes in a little bottle

And you can’t break me now…



2 -I’m Alright, Jack

This song was written shortly after Brexit, when everything kinda fell apart in this country, and there was so much hate. Also, the transphobic trolls that were spazzing hatred all over the internet at this point, some of them were GAY PEOPLE themselves – they were standing on a foundation of other queer people who had fought and died and been chemically castrated for the right to live their lives as ‘normal citizens’, but some of these motherfucking gay people, they STILL hate on, bully and discriminate against trans people for not being the ‘right sort of queer’, and it makes me fucking FURIOUS that you would take that heritage of pain and suffering and slow victory, and then SHIT ON people in the exact same position, who are just the same as you in the discrimination they face in life. And then Brexit happened, and the Indian people in this country, the Sikhs and Hindus, many started hating on Muslims and Polish immigrants, again totally disrespecting the discrimination and racism their ancestors beat through to be here, and that people of colour still face every day.

Why can’t people learn their fucking lessons? Why can’t surviving suffering make you learn tolerance?

‘I’m alright, Jack’ is basically slang for someone who is selfish to the core, who only cares if THEY’RE alright, and gives no fucks about anyone else. The longer version is ‘I’m alright, Jack, so fuck you’, and in post-Brexit culture when immigrants are being battered to death and abused on the streets, this song is probably the closest to my heart right now, with the whole UK going down the shithole and immigrants being blamed INSTEAD of the politicians, INSTEAD of the bankers, INSTEAD of the rich tax evaders. Fuck, man. It’s all so messed up. I’m sick of the hate, sick of the stupidity…


I’m alright, I’m alright Jack

My little world is so safe

I stand on the shoulders of broken generations

Mash their bodies into the mud


But I’m alright, I’m alright Jack,

I can marry the one I love,

Got a shiny iPod, my favourite seat on the bus

So I’m alright, I’m alright Jack


I fought for my rights, but not for yours

Everyone must fly through the fire

I want to live in a world without prejudice

But only applying to me

So call me a faggot, I’ll call it a hate crime

But you, you should burn in hell

Chemical castration was sick and wrong

But maybe Hitler had the right idea

‘cause you’re just not the right sort of queer


I’m alright, I’m alright Jack

They’ll never deport one of us

I’m as British as they come

I’ve only got an Indian mum

So I’m alright, I’m alright Jack

But all these Muslims need to fuck off home

I vote for UKIP

And I’m alright, I’m alright Jack


I fought for my rights, but not for yours

Everyone must fly through the fire

I want to live in a world without prejudice

But only applying to me

So call me a Paki, I’ll call it a hate crime

But you, you should burn in hell

The KKK are sick and wrong

But maybe Hitler did it the right way

‘cause there’s no room for your kind in the UK


I’m alright, I’m alright Jack

Now my neighbourhood’s like a ghost town

I sent away the Muslims

Lynched all the trannies

Autistic kids rot in a home

So I’m alright, I’m alright Jack


I fucking fought for my rights, but not for yours

Everyone must fly through the fire

I want to live in a world without prejudice

But only applying to me


Prejudice burns brighter when it’s all we have to burn*

Trump and Farage feed the fires of our hatred

We plummet towards the next world war

But I’m alright, I’m alright Jack!

I’m too old for recruitment now, so

Feed our kids to the slaughtermill

And fight for our right to hate

Fight for our right to discriminate

I’m alright, I’m alright Jack

I’m alright, I’m alright Jack…


*Line taken from the Manic Street Preachers’ Mausoleum, which I strongly suggest giving a listen. Fuck it, listen to the whole Holy Bible album…or Generation Terrorists if you want something a bit less angsty 😉 Richey Edwards was the lyricist of the century, the quote factor on those two albums is insane. Loved them since I was 14, and they still burn bright today…or the old stuff does, anyway…


3 -Bacchus Lullaby (Sleep Tight)

Honestly, I have no idea what this song is about. I wrote half of it while waiting for a friend at the Bacchus bar, and these lyrics just came out. There’s a bit of pondering on Christian purity nonsense, upholding virgins but only female ones, males can do as they please, and I was thinking about the fact that, also, almost every baby comes out THROUGH a vagina when they’re born, and if vaginas are so sinful and so dirty, we are ALL born in sin. But it’s not, it’s not a sin, it’s the channel of life itself, and there should be no laws imposed by white men on what women do with their vaginas. And then when I finished writing the song, the next day, it snapped in half and devolved into vengeance again, shining a mirror right back at the hatred I’ve been shown lately.


All children penetrate their mother at the moment of birth

There’s no such thing as a virgin

We are all, we’re all made of sin

Breathe it in, breathe it in

You were born in sin and death is your birthright

Sleep tight, sleep tight


Virgins taste like lies

Like a Christian disguise

Does that bridal gown make you feel so pure?

Somewhere between Madonna and the whore?

Breathe it in, breathe it in

Cloak yourself in your sins

Or what are you living for?

No one dies still pure

Death violates

Purity tastes of hate

No dies still pure


People with souls like dirt

Populate the earth

Spew it up, spew it up

You stagnated in your mother’s womb

You deserved an abortion and a tomb

You’re fucking soulless

Dead inside

Sleep tight, sleep tight –

I hope you choke in the night


The rectum of this earth

Shits out another turd

And it screams to exist

It writhes in bitterness

But here’s the secret honey – you don’t matter,

You don’t matter

And no one’s gonna miss you when you’re dead

Here’s the secret honey,

Dancing on your grave, I’ll be dancing on your grave!

So sleep tight, sleep tight – I hope you choke in the night…



4 -Interviewing Bubblegum Girl

This song was half improvised, every take came out with different lyrics and a different tune, and I preferred it that way, instead of killing it dead with repetition. It’s about the teenagers, male and female alike, who are desperate for internet fame, particularly on Youtube, where it’s more about what you say and the way you present yourself, than just having a pretty face. Because most of these kids do have pretty faces, but they seem to believe this entitles them automatically to stratospheric adulation, and yet…they just keep asking, “What should I make videos about? Give me some ideas, I wanna make videos but I, uhh, I don’t know what about…” O.o And it’s like, girl/boy, if you have nothing to say, I think Youtube is not the medium for you! You need a message, you need stories, you need charisma, you need endless fucking patience with editing and re-recording, and even then, recognition isn’t guaranteed. But it takes work, it takes ideas, and if you have nothing to say, and no suitable talents to showcase, this is never gonna work. But that doesn’t necessarily mean give up forever, just put some thought and practice into it…and make sure you do it for the right reasons. Do it because you enjoy making videos, not because you think it would be cool to be ‘internet famous’ – for starters, we see straight through those people, and secondly, you will fucking hate it all after a few weeks of editing and filming and fucking up your words and starting over, etc etc etc!

I borrowed a couple of lyrics here (hell, I’m borrowing all over this album, why not bow to your betters!), since it seemed appropriate – these people are made of polystyrene, they often seem to steal personalities from other people in their empty quest for fame, so I borrowed a bit too 😉


Are you ready for my close up now, baby?

You’d better be, now go pour me a martini

What am I – what am I?

Well, I’m a fashion and lifestyle blogger, baby

You’ve heard of me, you’ve heard of me

Huh, don’t pretend you haven’t heard of me!

‘cause I jump on every bandwagon that rolls into town

I’m a walking hashtag, baby, but I don’t know who I am

But you do, don’t you, honey?

Don’t you know who I am?


I’ve had six martinis, and I’m feeling pretty honest right now,

And when you ask me, all those questions,

Like, “How do you define yourself? I need to know for the headline”

I hear those words and I shrink in fear ‘cause honestly

I don’t know, I don’t know who I’m meant to be anymore…


But just never stop, never stop worshipping me

You can have me for free!

Just want me, just want me,

Want my Juvederm lips, my candyapple hips, want my teenage tits,

I’m made of plasticine

I’m a fake Barbie ho bimbo marketing machine

I don’t know who I am so I pretend I’m everything,

I’ll be anything you want!

I’m…everything. I’m everything,

I’m Miss World, somebody kill me*

Kill me, pills, *

Nobody’s listening, my friend,*

I’m the queen of the scene, no wait, no wait, I wanna be mainstream,

I’m too big for this fucking fishtank now

I’m empty inside, I need your love,

I need your bad, your bad romance,**

I’m just a jigsaw made from other people’s songs,

I’m trying too hard, I’m smiling too wide

I wanna be somebody, I wanna be somebody,

Cause I’m empty inside

I’m so empty inside

But I got these teenage tits and they’re pointing to the sky

So I think I’m ready for my closeup now, baby

Just keep your camera focused on me,

Or I might just…

I might just…



*Lines taken from Hole’s Miss World

**Taken from Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance


5 -Needle For A Gun:

A song by a vampire whose maker committed suicide, and now he’s slowly self destructing with drugs, because he can’t stand the pain of walking out into the sunlight and burning into ashes. Say no more – it’s all entangled with plotlines for one of my novels, so I don’t wanna ruin it in case this bastard thing ever gets published 😉

Again, some lyrics borrowed because I could say it no better…



The moon is cold, so cold tonight

A single lost white eye

In the soul of this endless foreign sky

The moon sees all, so cold and white, so cold and pure

When we’re all gone the moon shall endure


Remember all I taught you, you said

Remember, remember, remember and you shall endure

But I, I remember every word,

And you, you lied – you lied,

The moon stares down, it waits for me to die


Going down

Shot by shot

With a needle for a gun

You burned up in the sun

But I’m not so brave

I’ll do it all my way

With a needle for a gun

Now that I’m not your son

I’ve seen the needle and the damage done,*

Every junkie’s like a setting sun*

But I am not, I’m not so brave, I’ll do it all

Do it all my way

With a needle for a gun


I ran away, I made my choice

I ran away, I made my choice

I chose to follow where you led,

I chose oblivion – I chose death

I am not so strong as you,

I am not so strong, so strong as you


You can have what’s left of my rotten soul

Darkness eat me, eat me whole

I’ve seen the needle and the damage done*

Every junkie’s like a setting sun*

Like a setting sun


Remember all I taught you, you said

Remember, remember, remember and you shall endure,

And you, you lied, you lied,

The moon stares down

It waits for me to die

‘cause I, ‘cause I

I shall not endure

I shall not endure…


*Lines taken from Neil Young’s Needle and the Damage Done


6 -Golden Brown:

Eden’s blog post that somewhat accompanies this song is here:

Just a love song to heroin, really, it’s been four years, essentially, but I still miss it, I was better on it than off it, (not to advocate heroin, don’t get into it, it’s a bad idea, but personally, I was a functional junkie. There’s more I could say, but in short, we’re all different, and to me, opiates are a mental health medication like any other. Nothing more, nothing less – in my case) I only quit because the dirty cuts, thanks to the war on drugs, were making me very ill, and probably contributed to my longstanding health issues to this day. If I could have heroin in its pure form, as Canada are now prescribing, I think my life, and certainly my health, would be a hell of a lot better…

So, just another nostalgic anthem to junk…


Haunting me, your memory

I lived for the moment you dragged me down

Golden brown

Golden brown


On my gravestone this is what it said –

Whenever I’m sober I wish that I was dead

My blood swirls golden brown, golden brown

Let it take you down, down, down

Let it take you down, down, down


Look into the wall of my mind’s eye*

It’s a picture show that never dies

I see the needle, I see the vein

I hear the sizzle as it meets the flame

Golden brown, golden brown

Let the blood flower and take it down


Waiting for hours, waiting in the rain

I’d wait for you forever, steel kiss blue vein

I love you more than life itself

You can have my life, don’t want anything else

Sublime – beyond

You were like fucking God

You were like fucking God


I choose you…

I choose you…

Always – always

Golden brown


*Line taken from Oasis’ D’You Know What I Mean


7 -Watching You Play:

Written while my health issues were really at their worst (ha, well, it’s all gone to shit again lately…), and I hadn’t seen a single friend in almost a year, even LOSING two of the most precious people in my life because I was too sick to be fun anymore, and apparently that’s all that matters to these cunts even after sixteen years of friendship. So fuck you both, frankly. When I wrote this song I was watching people on Youtube forming bands and performing on stage and going to festivals and doing every damn thing that I will never again be able to do due to my shitty health, and I started feeling like a ghost, an internet ghost, just watching other people play, living their lives as I sat in this shithole of a room, just watching, watching, watching…


I’ll be watching you

I’ll be watching you

As you dance through life

As you dance through life

As you get to say, every single word

Every single scene

That I wanted for me

But now it’s only yours

I’ll be watching you – watching you play


I’m a ghost, you see

I’m the ruins of me

I’m an entity

Of the cyberverse

I’ll be in here, in here

Watching you

Do the things I’ll never do

I can reach out and touch your life

With my hologram fingers

And video files

For a while, for a while

Until things just get worse

Living under a curse

I’m a ghost, you see

I’m an entity

Just watching you – watching you play


As I watch your world grow and grow

Mine just shrinks, then shrinks some more

There’s nothing beyond my front door

You have everything, everything

Everything I wanted and more

And I have nothing, nothing

Nothing anymore

I take so many pictures of me

Because mine’s the only face I see

Everything was taken from me

And I watch you play

And think of all the things that got taken away –

All the things I’ll never be


I’m a ghost, you see

I’m an entity

I’m the ruins of me

Just watching you – watching you play


So I’m sorry if I seem so bitter

When your comments seem so flippant

Like living life is an easy choice

Like anything is possible

Like you’re still young and life is fun

And anything is possible

Except it’s not for me


I can reach out and touch your life

With my hologram fingers

And video files – for a while, for a while

And no, you’ll never get to see me

Except behind this screen

’cause this is all that’s left of me –

An entity, of the cyberverse

Just watching you play


I’ll be watching you

I’ll be watching you

As you dance through life

As you dance through life

Just watching you play…


8 -Death Is Easy:

Inspired by and based on the dead rockstar twins in Arcady’s house from Poppy Z Brite/Billy Martin’s Lost Souls. I adore that book, always and forever, and the twins are so sinister and glorious. One of my friends has death is easy as a tattoo on her wrist, and I felt like it should be a song…


Strawberry incense and old cassettes

Gleaming hair, clove cigarettes

Red and blonde

Blood and bone

Love and lust and fame

And death is easy

Death is easy


On the mattress where those bodies writhed

Hand in hand and side by side

Beauty fades and beauty dies

But nothing dies forever



Pale skeletons

Whispering silk

Strawberry incense and old cassettes

Whispered voices, clove cigarettes

Telling me, telling me,

Telling me…

That death is easy

Death is easy


Let the night come*


’cause death is easy



*Lines taken directly from Lost Souls, and Steve and Ghost’s song World. If I was able to get tattoos, I would have this tattooed on me – you know I already used it in Thanks for All the Blood, off the previous album…


9 -In My Element:

Written and recorded in the space of two days, all while gorgeously, deliciously high on morphine. I’m in my element – it’s true, I’m a better person on opiates than without them, and these days it’s very, very rare that I get to truly feel like me. So while I got that brief window of opportunity, I made this song.


I’m in my element

I’m a shark in the water

Gliding, devouring

The sea belongs to me

Honey, honey, honey,

I’m melting into you,

Everything glows

Souls, I feel their souls

Enmeshing me, I’m wrapped up in, eternity

This, this is my sea

This is where I feel, I feel like me


Human bodies feel like traps

But now, tonight, baby,

I’m made of honeydew

I’m melting into you

Heaven’s gate is a scarred blue vein

Piercing through, piercing through

Melting into you


Can it truly be a sin

To feel so holy?

Time passes, so slowly

Molasses and cream

You and me

Nothing can hurt us here


Nothing can hurt us here…


10 -Snake Tongue:

So, on Youtube, some conspiracy theorist nutjob commented on one of my videos “Shut up snake tongue!” and I found it so hilarious I had to write this song and make up a little demon character to match the phrase. “Snake tongue” is my favourite internet insult ever, and it seemed a good base for a mildly crazy song, a little inspired by Siouxsie’s Headcut…


Snake tongue, snake tongue,

I’m a child’s nightmare

And I like it in here – in the closet of your fears,

And yes, yes, yes I will bite

I will bite you in the night


Snake tongue, snake tongue

Skeleton thing

Bony hands

Tilting the sand – watching it run through

Watching death come for you


So much more than human

So much less than boring

And yes, yes, yes I will bite…


I breathe lies…or do I breathe the truth?

I’m the demon in your closet

I’m the demon of your dreams,

And yes I will bite


Your world is so small

Do you have any balls?

I don’t see them at all

But I smell your teenage virgin masturbation spunk

You STINK, of fear, stupidity and cheap, cheap beer


Call me snake tongue, one more motherfucking time, bitch!


I will bite you in the night…

Call me Snake Tongue…


11 -Gretchen’s Song

For my lost loving wifey Gretchen, who passed away from her eating disorder in May 2014, on the night of a beautiful full moon… The simple guitar backing was written the day after she died, while she was still haunting me, literally, ginger cats were turning up at my door, my phone kept lighting up for no reason and saying “Sorry” – she was with me and I talked to her, and I started writing her a song. And it sucked. So now, two years later, I’ve rewritten it, it sucks a little less, I hope. It ends a bit abruptly because I kept improvising the endings, just singing to Gretchen, and I’m no Patti Smith – it sucked, so I cut it out. My voice is getting destroyed right now with drinking and on this track it sounds so rattly and raspy and weird, I don’t know how I feel about it. Gretchen used to sing, she believed she’d destroyed her voice with purging, booze and cigarettes, but G, I think you would’ve sung this better than me. I love you, and every rainbow I see, I think of you. You are in every full moon, every rainbow, and I’ll see you again some day. All my love, forever…

I don’t know whether I’ll be able to get permission to use Gretchen’s pictures in the video version of this, but to paint you a picture, she had beautiful honey-hazel eyes, naturally curly deep brown hair, she was always smiling, always stoned, a caffeine junkie, going to Sheetz every night for her crazy mocha lattes, she loved the changing seasons, she revelled in sunlight, she revelled in carving pumpkins and decorating her house for Halloween, she adored Christmas and her dancing, singing snowman, she had a ginger cat called Teddy who was her world, and she was so full of love. Oh my god she was so full of love. She had a potty mouth and a penchant for crazy hats, bright colours, she loved anything rainbow coloured, and even though she must have been in so much pain throughout her lifetime, she kept it all inside. All she gave out was love. I wish, in some ways, she’d shared the darker stuff with me, let me help, maybe, because I got so frustrated towards the end, she was so far in denial… She was two halves, I guess – she had so much joy about her and gave so much joy, all while self destructing and turning all that much hatred inwards…

I never met her in person, we made videos to each other all the time, she lived in Carolina, and due to the time difference, when I came home from clubs, G was still up and about and we’d get stoned together. We first met over a decade ago, through our eating disorders, but G never recovered from hers, not even for a season, it was constant, and it got worse and worse until it killed her. The things she had to go through in her final year of life were so, so horrific I don’t want to mention them, don’t want to tarnish her memory, but even through all this suffering she showed me SO MUCH love, always, she never, ever was mean to a single goddamn person, and I loved her – I don’t think I realised how much she mattered until she was gone, but when I lost her…I realised. I realised that internet friends can make a world of difference, and I started doing Youtube, realising that I could still touch people’s lives, despite being too ill to have much of a life of my own. I didn’t have G to make videos for, so I made them for you guys instead, and I think G would be proud of where I’m at today…but anything I suffer, or anything I achieve, I still want to share it with her, and I can’t. And that still hurts.


Funeral march for a rainbow…


I like looking at the pictures

Like looking at your smile

Coloured beads around your neck, an early summer tan

You were stoned and always smiling

No shame in who I am

Baby, you were perfect, with your honey hazel eyes

The wicked grin that was always there

The sense of fun you never outgrew

You seemed to revel in life

And yet you shunned it too

Baby, you were perfect, but it didn’t seem that way to you

But you had coloured beads around your neck

A burning joint and a bottle of alcohol

As sweet, as sweet as your burned out soul

You had so much love to give, it charred you from inside

Baby you were perfect, but I know you lived a lie


I wish I’d seen the Carolina sunlight, gleaming in your hazel eyes

I wish I’d really known you, seen the darkness that lay inside

You, you were so perfect, and I miss you everyday

The love you gave to me – the coldness when it went away


And now that you’re never coming back, every rainbow I see, it ends in black


Funeral march for a rainbow…



12 -Premier Inn:

Just a silly song about my first experience at Resistanz festival. Eden’s blog post explaining our weird experience that weekend is here:


Premier Inn hotel room

Like a stripy purple tomb

And pissing with the door open

Loses its novelty

Existential blackness

Of single serving coffee


And the lifts are slower than immortality

I can feel myself dying, and I need a wee

And nothing welcomes me home

But a bag of Wotsits

I think I might as well…



Existential crisis at the Premier Inn!

Purple duvet I’m wanking in

In my duvet see my sexual prowess

And fear the tomato, atop my sordid mess


But then afterwards

I smoked some weed

And I think, I think they’re on to me…

Run away, run away!

Run away from Tony Soprano!

He’s on a mission but I’m gonna foil it!

I’m gonna drown him in the FUCKING TOILET!

Oh genius – it’s a good thing I’m such a genius…


Everywhere I look

There’s goths on drugs

Goths giving me inappropriate hugs

And Corporation water is a funny shade of brown

There’s nothing but goths in this fucking town

Oh, come home with me

This is a kind of hell, so stripey

And nothing that happens here

Means anything at all

Won’t you let me fuck you

Against this stripy wall?



13 – British Sick (2013)

So, a last minute addition because I found it in the archives and couldn’t resist XD This song was written by my character Rob, a punk vampire coming up to his 193rd birthday, and he wrote this song having lived through the second world war, and developed quite an admiration for Churchill – “He was like a lardy battleship – if cigars and pork pies couldn’t take him down, Hitler never fucking would!” His theory behind this song was that Hitler was such a total bastard because he was vegetarian in Germany, and living on sauerkraut – no wonder he was so grumpy. If he had a biscuit, he “might’ve been less of a cunt! The whole War, ended with a Hobnob!” Thus goes Rob’s theory! So he took some Churchill quotes and mashed them up, was delighted with himself for rhyming ‘tits’ with ‘Auschwitz’, and god knows where the vomit comes in, but I guess this is Rob’s idea of patriotism! There were several further, even more offensive verses, but this was the version I recorded, shittily, on my phone, back in 2013, and such it shall remain, because I can’t scream so high anymore, depressingly. Maybe if I lowered it by a couple of steps – I do plan to dick around with this song in the future, see if it’s still possible, a bit lower, so maybe British Sick v2.0 will eventually emerge 😉 For now though, this is the one song on the album that I suspect won’t appear on Youtube, partly because it’s a bit of a ridiculous pisstake, and mostly because I have no video for it, unless I build one with pictures and nonsense, and that sounds like a hassle. If you actually enjoyed this ridiculous song though, you’ll find more 2013 vintage stuff over at my ofherbsandaltars Soundcloud 😛 I do miss doing Rob’s stupid punk bollocks, it’s been a while, but they were the most fun, however awful they sounded!


Adolf Hitler, needs a biscuit

He’ll tear off your arm and beat you with it

He’ll bite off your tits

Throw your Gran in Auschwitz

Adolf Hitler needs a biscuit!


We’ll bomb that German bastard

‘til he blows off his head!

We’ll make that little tosser

Shit his own bed!

Adolf’s got a tiny dick

Winston’s gonna drown him in sick!



We’ll drown him in sick!


We shall defend our island*

Whatever the cost may be*

We’ll fight you on the beaches*

We’ll fight you in the sea!*

We’ll never surrender


We’ll drown you, drown you, drown you




If you give him a biscuit he might not kill the Jews

Armed with a Hobnob, Winston just can’t lose!


Tomorrow, I’ll be sober, but you, Madam, will still be ugly*


Don’t diss Winston, you fat old bitch!

He’ll drown you in sick!


*All Churchill quotes, or thereabouts 😉


And here endeth the album. It’s available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, all that bollocks, just search up Neon Midnight Retribution. The previous album was called 4am Vampire Blues, and the lyric sheet for that is here: 🙂

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