BPAL Recommendations!

So stupid old Youtube wouldn’t let me leave this much text in the video description box, argh! As such, here’s my bigass list of BPAL recommendations!


Gothy/dark/sexy scents:

– Samhain /The essence of goth – cold night air, dark spices, autumn leaves, bonfire smoke. Is a Halloween limited edition, but comes every year so should be easy to track down secondhand on the forum or FB. Try Samhainophobia for a more masculine take, though Samhain is pretty gender-neutral anyway/

– Opium Poppy, or Darkness /will be a love or hate thing – dark, heavy, narcotic perfume-stank, feminine but powerful-smelling/

– Voodoo /Goddess of Sexy Smells, such simple notes but HOLY SHIT it’s gorgeous, smoky-sweet and sexy-delicious. Can require ageing though – brand new it can be a little cola-syrup smelling, if so, toss it in a drawer for a month or two, or to speed ageing try leaving the cap ajar for about an hour a day/

– Haunted /not a personal favourite, but many people find this wonderfully creepy and evil-smelling!/

– Deep in Earth or Zombie /spooky, earthy, graveyard dirt scents/

– Absinthe /Just what it says on the tin!/

– Laudanum /For sheer weirdness – I don’t regard this as a perfume, personally, but it’s utterly bizarre and quite creepy – smells like powerful anaesthetic with a hint of opium smoke in the drydown. Fun to play with!/

– Snake Oil /BPAL’s biggest seller, sexy and dark…/

-Blood Kiss /vampiric and sexy – dribbly-sweet corrupted cherries, dark spices and a hint of cold night air/

– Black clove, tobacco flower and grave soil hair gloss /Goths In A Graveyard! Not currently available, try the forum/

– Eldritch Dark hair gloss /badass BDSM supervillain, again try the forum/

– Anubis /my go-to for many, many years – dark, spiced, Egyptian-exotic. Smells like debauched adventures under a midsummer moon, somewhere far from home and full of strangeness. I need another bottle! And if you like this, try Cairo for a slightly brighter daytime version, and Coyote is another Egyptian-tinged scent/


Masculine/Gender Neutral scents:

– Dorian, or Villain /Dorian is *gorgeous*, Earl Grey Tea and sugared vanilla, totally genderless and very elegant. Villain is a more firmly masculine take/

– Doc Constantine’s Medicine Show linen spray /from the trading post – my holy grail sexyboysmell! 😀 /

– Wilde /masculine, but elegant/

– Bram Stoker /more of a mature masculine scent, is quite lovely layered with Wilde/

– Sherlock Holmes /so clean and light and lovely, gender-neutral – I need a bottle!/

– Interfector /sexy badass vampire – dark evil tobacco with an overlay of addictive foodie sweetness/

– Tombeur /another vampire, totally gender-neutral, silky-sexy, like honeyed sandalwood Snake Oil with a hint of white leather and musk :3 /

– Jersey Devil or Black Forest /outdoorsy pine forests/

– Rogue /LEATHER!!/

– Ranger /leather, outdoorsy forestiness, a hint of smoke/

– Xiuhtecuhtli /citrusy, leathery, musky gorgeousness. Smells more than a little bit evil!/

– Dracul /really lovely – elegant and light, summery citrus boysmell/

– Antikythera Mechanism /I don’t get on with this one, but so many guys adore it- worth a shot!/

– Dee /as above!/

– Jolly Roger or Gingerbread Jolly Roger /fuckin’ PIRATE SEXY! Sea air, driftwood and leather :3 /

– Elf /gender-neutral, the most beautiful summer woodland scent ever, outdoorsy and clean but sweet at the same time/

– Wild Indigo Duskywing /not currently available, try the forum. Smells exactly like the colour of indigo denim – soft and dusky, slightly peppery, comforting-sexy boysmell/




– Very Pink Surprise Cake /STRAWBERRY CAKE OR DEATH!/

– Ivory Vulva /coconut marshmallow white chocolate noms/

– Bliss, Velvet /chocolate!/

– Gula bath oil, from the Trading Post /rich chocolate hazelnut fabulousness, my second favourite bath oil!/

– Blood Kiss /listed under gothy smells, but deserves a mention here too!/

– Pumpkin Patches /vary each Halloween season, but all contain that warm, comforting pumpkin note/

– Strawberry Sufaniyot /hard to find now, due to extreme popularity, but HOLY SHIT – gooey strawberry donuts :3 /

– Gingerbread Snake or Gingerbread Poppet /there’s generally a gingerbread something in every Yule collection – spicy and foody and comforting. For a currently available scent though, try Shub Niggurath, it’s a drier ginger but still rather delicious!/

– Hellcat /almond cherry noms/

– 13 /different one released every Friday 13th, but all include white or dark chocolate, and 13 lucky/unlucky ingredients. The orange label from ’06 is my favourite – white chocolate, citrus and tea, fucking fabulous!/

– Mr Nancy /I raved about this guy in a previous video, holy *hell* he is lovely! Dark, spiced rum and tobacco, shot through with crisp summery lime and sugared with a hint of cookies – dark and sexy and delicious and fun :3 /

– Chaos Theory Gourmand /these are a new release, I don’t know how long they’ll be up – every bottle is unique, and a total gamble, but within the gourmand selection you can’t go too far wrong if you’re after something foodie!/

– Mouse Circus /I have yet to receive and test my bottle, but cotton candy is a listed note so I’m very very excited! 😀 /

– Bengal /soft delicious spiced cake, cinnamon-sweet and sexy :3 /

– Miskatonic University /Irish coffee, a hint of dusty books. I love this, now that I can’t DRINK coffee!/

– El Dia de los Reyes /Yule collection – the perfect hot cocoa scent, rich and thick and bittersweet with a hint of coffee and cinnamon, absolute must have every Yule!/



– Jolly Roger /motherfuckin’ seaside – salty sea air and driftwood, absolutely love this :3 /

– Embalming Fluid /squeaky clean lemoniness/

– Xiuhtecuhtli /Listed in gender-neutral – citrusy, leathery, musky gorgeousness. Smells a little bit evil! /

– Almost anything with a Chinese-sounding name tends to be crisp and clean and Oriental – lots out there!

– Roadhouse /fun, evocative summer scent – dandelions, weed smoke, and warm beer, like being at Glastonbury!/

– Juke Joint /minty cocktails!/

– Persephone /such a beautiful, simple-but-sexy scent – fresh pink rose and pomegranate/

– Belle Vinnu /similar to above, but peaches!/


Soft/feminine/rose -I don’t get on with florals, so rose is about the only floral I can recommend! –

– Persephone and Belle Vinnu, see above.

– London /fresh pink rose, and black tea – absolutely beautiful!/

– Harlot /sexier rose, with cinnamon, though sadly low throw on me/

– Red Rose /Yule collection – sharper, greener, very natural rose. Love or hate, I suspect…/

– Snow White /just.so.fucking.beautiful, Yule collection again. Soft and sparkly and snowy/

– Pink Snowballs /Yule collection – frosty vanilla-rose, so pretty/

– Jailbait /another fun one – all pink bubblegum!/

– Morocco /Beautiful, soft sensual roses and exotic spice, gets better with age/

– Bengal /listed under foodies, but deserves a mention here, too/

– Belle Epoch /very pretty feminine florals, without being overpowering!/


Atmospheric –

– Quintessence of Dust /as mentioned in video, an amazingly rich and complex library scent/

-Buggre Alle This Bible /Similar to the above, but a slightly simpler, drier and dustier book scent/

– Cleric /amazingly gorgeous church incense scent with a drydown of rose. For something similar minus the rose, try Mage/

– Silenti /overgrown cemetery weeds and florals/

– Laudanum /mentioned in gothy scents/

– Elf /mentioned in gender-neutral/

– The Forest Reverie /poets smoking opium in a meadow, you can smell the trees and the sunlight and the opium, and it’s such an incredible scent-movie!/


Ok, wow, that was long! XD


One Response to “BPAL Recommendations!”

  1. My personal fave: PERVERSION

    Deliciously sexy. Tonka, leather, tobacco, and chardonnay. I don’t know how all those things blend together to make something as hot as this, but if I ever smell it on another person…that person is in trouble. 😉

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