What Is This Shit?

This blog was conceived on a gloomy, drunken night, within the dirty carriage of a Centro train, when I was re-reading my literary hero Poppy Z Brite’s Wormwood, and I decided to write a short story. It has now become a regular thing, so here is its home, a graveyard of sins amidst the rotting detritus of WordPress.

For anyone noticing the sudden dearth of content – the majority of these stories have just been wiped off the internet (the best ones, I’m afraid!), to be packaged up and hurled at literary agents in a violent avalanche of filth and torment! The hope being, that some day those stories and others may make it onto a bookshelf near you…

In the meantime, the furious consumer rantings and stoned 5am poetry of Eden and co, my anarchic vampires, can be found at ofherbsandaltars.


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