Candyflip Memories

I miss the crystal mayhem

The music like a velvet band

Like lace

Stretching with every movement

The writing on UV lights

It would change

A mobile phone like a puppy dog

The 20p on the bathroom floor

I still have it

Because I watched the walls vibrate

While playing Snake

On a Nokia 3210


Then the club burned down

And it burned my memories too

I got sick

And it’s all gone

I’ll never drop another Shuriken

Not even a shitty Mitzi

It’s all gone


But I remember the neon and beauty

I remember seeing the afterlife

Zinging purple and white

Souls without boundaries



It has to be the Glis remix – it brings me up every time

It’s better than wine

Not as good as a decent pill


Assemblage 23

They meant so much to me

Let Me Be Your Armour –

It spoke of everything

I still need armour

But my armour sucks

I suck

I lost everything


Neon Midnights

I still miss them

I just write about them now

Sing about them

But they’re gone


Just the dust of memory

The residue on scales

It’s gone.


2 Responses to “Candyflip Memories”

  1. The music like a velvet band

    Fella, this damn imagery. Beautiful.

  2. Tony Martin Says:

    So many reminiscences of being me in my twenties… but.. although I really loved your imagery, it was that use of the word “lace.” And I mean this in an affectionate, friendly way; I thought of of Miss Havisham. 1870’s Dorian mooning over a drug strewn wedding cake of the past. (Imagine random E’s as wedding-cake decoration!). So, A23’s ‘Infinite’ (the only A23 Glis remix I can think of;) damn I love that too… but Shear’s stricken, numinous moment about the loveliness of the universe doesn’t necessarily have to be a drug fuelled moment, of hippie inebriation, it can also be a sober scream of profound wonder. (Yes, I’m drunk, but full of good feeling right now.) It can also be one of clarity, of purpose and continuation spurred on with the warmth of those who do give a damn, giving a gentle bit of …umph behind you. The (actually sort-of-good bits of the world) are there to be grabbed, when you get there… And YOU WILL. so there. t. x.

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