Everything is Weird

You gotta wait half an hour for your dinner

I’m sorry, that’s just how it goes

You take a pill then wait for your dinner

I love you

You’re the best dog on Earth.


I’m concussed right now

I met a dog up the road and he wagged and licked at me

But he’s not my family right now.


I’m so spaced out,

I thought you were dead when I came in

You were so still

You’re nearly 16.


I love you, like you like tuna

My dude

The ambula men asked if you were called Dude,

Cause I kept calling you, like

‘Dude, shut up!’

You were barking at the ambulance lights.

Your name is Presley, Dogdog, Dude –

It doesn’t matter, you’re deaf anyway.


Under any name, I love you.


More than words.


The ambulance took me away,

You were scared like me

Everything was on TV


I had a seizure, or something.


I love you.


I love everything who reads this

I hear my name echoing in everything.


I’m not here.


I keep tlling them that everything is weird

I can’t type anhy,ore.


2 Responses to “Everything is Weird”

  1. Tony Martin Says:

    It’s always moving when you talk about Pres. Hope that both you and his doggyness are hanging in there, you’re both special people and loved back by your readers. Btw on a hopefully happy note, I should have a letter on it’s way for you next week. Stay strong. Biggest warmest hugs to you both. T.x

    • Thanks 🙂 My motor skills are still kinda screwy, typing is hard, I dunno what happened 2 nights ago but my tongue was bitten when I woke up, then last night I reacted to this goddamn peppermint tea and had to eat a million beta blockers to slow my heart down and kill the resultant anxiety, and I still can’t write, that’s the worst of it. I can’t write, at all, I’m meant to be starting a new novel or finishing short stories but I CANNOT WRITE, it’s insane. I should be starting a new novel but I simply cannot write, I’m too spacey. Then more bad shit happened and I’m sleeping all the time, and I’m always so HOT even though it’s raining, just, ugh. But anyway, I hope you’re well, look forward to your letter. Seeing a decent GP tomorrow, so hopefully better things…

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