The Moth’s Religion

Moths are obsessed with sacrifice. The purpose of a moth, as every young moth is taught, is to sacrifice itself to the Goddess. But like every religion, the sacrificial beliefs of a moth are fraught with error and superstition. The particularly cynical moths will tell their naïve cousins that the Goddess is just a cold, hard, ball of stone, and that even if the Goddess loved you, she’s thousands of miles away, through an endless expanse of dark uncaring nothingness. But always, one small, bedraggled moth with tattered wings and wide, wondering eyes, will tell the others that this isn’t true – I’ve seen the Goddess. I touched her with my wings, and she was as warm and bright as love itself. But she didn’t take me – she spared me, so that I could tell you this very thing…

And so the moths continue on their path into doomed love and burning fate, hurling themselves with reckless abandon into the face of the Goddess, frying themselves alive in the fires of false idols. Never pity the smoldering corpse of a hapless moth – for the last seconds of its life, it flew through warmth and radiant light, and thought itself in heaven. When humans tell tales of a near death experience, of the light at the end of the tunnel, their feeling of perfect love and acceptance, perhaps they are merely recalling their earlier, simpler existence. The embracing warmth and loving arms of that light at the end of the tunnel – is it truly God, or just a naked bulb, swinging from a cord in some unremarkable ceiling? Humans could argue this point for eternity, but the moth doesn’t mind. Moths have died in their millions, since humans brought artificial light into the world, but to a moth, this is merely heaven multiplied. No longer do they find themselves lost and doubting in the dark – in every room of every dwelling, the pale face of the Goddess shines down upon them. A moth can find divine beauty in the lowliest of places, and this Goddess, their false electric idol, she will accept their humble sacrifice, taking them beyond, in a blinding burst of heavenly light.

Just as there are in the human race, there are the cynical moths, who perch eternally on walls, scowling in defiance as they ignore the myriad faces of divinity, and there are the worshipful moths, who find their God in all they see. To these moths, the Goddess is everywhere – in the night sky, shining down from the ceiling, even gleaming in the pale skin of a tired human, lounging in the glow of his monitor.

So if a moth is circling your face, fluttering determinedly back and forth, don’t be annoyed. It thinks you’re the most beautiful creature in the universe. It thinks you are the reason for its very existence, and if you let it live to fly away, it will tell every moth it ever meets the tale of how it met the Goddess, and how, though it offered itself to her, the kindly Goddess let it live.


15 Responses to “The Moth’s Religion”

  1. MaDnEsS MiNeRvA Says:

    That was beautiful *_*

  2. Just a random guy Says:

    Was lurking on OKC, came across your profile, and this. Without sounding overly wanky, just had to comment to say just how nice it is to stumble across something so unique and thought-provoking on a Friday afternoon at work! Hopefully I’ll remember the name of the site and re-visit some time. Look forward to reading more 🙂

    • Aww, thank you! I’ve been terrible about logging into OkC recently, it just doesn’t happen :-/

      “You mean, I’m meant to make an effort to find a tolerable human being, with whom to interact, and the BEST CASE SCENARIO here is that I then have to leave my house and *go somewhere* and communicate with this *person*, who then might make *further* demands upon my time? I don’t fucking well THINK SO!” XD – datingfail, in a nutshell!

      …trying to finish, at the moment, a short story which I rather like, but it seriously stretches the limits of ‘short’, oops!

  3. Just a random guy Says:

    Ha! Well, I don’t use it, I just had the curiosity to browse – and I’m neither a goth, or slim, or pretty, so you can rest assured my intentions are strictly honorable 🙂 So when can we expect your latest opus?

    • Well, it has All The Words in it now, so I suspect it’ll come out tomorrow 🙂 For a (not strictly necessary) intro to the characters though, this was the first one:

      …I didn’t think I’d ever get to fiddle with them again, but they are some of my favourites, so I’m glad they’ve come back. I could see them becoming a novella someday, there’s so much more backstory all over the place that would be fun to play with 🙂

  4. I love this. Lepidoptera appreciation! Shedding their dusty wing scales like so much incense ash…

    • I keep coming back to this story…I have a request which maybe seems a bit odd, and please feel free to laugh and say no or disregard it completely but…can I record a reading of it? I usually just stick to poems but like I say this is firmly lodged in my brain 😁

      • I don’t see why not, so long as you link me if you share it anywhere 🙂 Might be quite interesting to hear it spoken – I’m terrible at reading things aloud so would never attempt a reading of anything! 😦

  5. So I read this, aloud, with my voice, and hopefully I did it justice 😕

    • This is awesome, it makes me so happy! 😀 You’re a fabulous reader, I stumble hopelessly over words trying to read aloud. And your accent sounds very familiar, are you a Midlandser too? (or Oxfordshire, maybe?)

      • Phew! That’s a relief…
        I really like reading aloud, I think some pieces benefit from being heard rather than just read…
        I’m a Coventry boy =)
        I found your blog through >coughcough<
        (I wasn't going to mention that, but I enjoy your writing too much to be spoiling that by hitting on you)

    • Haha, I know where you mean, and apologise for the fact that I’ve not logged in in forever D: I keep meaning to reboot motivation with the whole thing, but…so.much.apathy XD Maybe I’ll make that my hungover Sunday task this week!

      Coventry is indeed local! Though I’ve only been there once, and my main memory is a disorientating ringroad that I got lost round until I felt ready to bomb the entire city, lol…

      • I’m convinced the ringroad is a gravity well for the soul…it’s why Coventry is so hard to escape from xD
        Coventry is a very bomb-able city…
        Aww, no need to apologize! I really don’t think I’m your type, although I’ve been told I’m a pretty top-notch friend!
        I made the mistake of listing myself as bi…some of the messages I’ve received are just, I mean, no. So very no.
        Although, I met a partner on there so it isn’t all bad 😁

  6. Heh, I dread to think what kind of messages you received! Superdirty ass-banging Grindr stuff? 😛 I’ve met lots of cool people on there, though frequently geography is an annoyance – I did take the optimistic stance that casting the net wider is a good thing, buuuut…eventually had to conclude that I’m just too freakin’ lazy to go on London adventures (or even to log in, lol!)

    • It probably isn’t quite as bad as if I was a woman.
      Just one highlight: “Want 2 meet an make me ure c*mslave?”

      Fortunately, I am one of those weirdos who likes writing letters, so adding half a dozen correspondences to people all over the world has been ace…but I do wish I could hang out with them for chats over beer/coffee/whisky sometimes 😌

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